Saul Crumlish Link colab portfolio

A collection of images, shot of assortments of my own archival photographs mixed with re scanned slides of moments captured by family members over time collaged using clear tape and masking tape. Included here are some of the original final images coupled with selected spreads of 20 page a2 size bookwork. Double sided off white prints binded using bulldog clips. 

Idea stems from the conflict between the ‘act of being ‘ and the human impulse that comes with this to document/ share our experiences or being with others, looking specifically at the use of photographs in saving moments with the intent of sharing them or keeping them for future reference. The idea stemming from Hannah Arendt’s writing on the public and private realm and the significance that comes with being in the public eye , from ‘ the human condition’. Linking this in relation to the ‘ archive ‘ or specifically family photo archives as something that is kept private and rarely shared with people in a public sense, and therefore hidden.

In printing this into a book it then takes these images and puts them back into the public space, simultaneously taking something virtual and giving it a physical presence, intended to be emphasised by its large scale and the tactile and slightly unconventional book-like format.


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