Katie Monteith Link Being Human

IMAGE: GSA Archive Object
IMAGE: Experimental Knitting
IMAGE: Sketchbook Research
IMAGE: Reimagined Pin Cushion - Inspired by archive object
IMAGE: Subverted Archive Object
IMAGE: Subvert object in 17th Century
IMAGE: Subvert object in 17th Century

During this project I was able to develop my skills of hand knitting through Learn, Make and Subvert. I also explored the idea of ‘Being Human’ through a variety of online lectures and additional reading resources, along with research into one of the GSA Archive Objects.

Through my research I came to realise that I saw imperfection as the key to being human. I researched this idea by looking into how our bodies can be seen as perfect or imperfect in art and fashion, as well as the ‘Us vs Them’ mentality present in society.

I embraced imperfections in my studio work, such a holes, loose threads and messy stitches, encouraging myself to see these as art in their own way, rather than trying to create perfect pieces first time around.

Furthermore, I decided to subvert the archive object I was researching, using bold colours that would never have been found in the time period it was created. This piece was then photoshopped onto painting of people from the time in bolder and brighter colours so I could further experiment with the meaning and purpose of the object.

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