Mahdiya Zubairi Link Being Human within the Anthropocene

IMAGE: 'What On Earth?'
IMAGE: 'Climate Anxiety'
IMAGE: ‘Sea’ is consuming Earth but it is dead itself as humans have polluted it.
IMAGE: 'Submergence'
IMAGE: Stilt House (in perspective)
IMAGE: Futuro House
IMAGE: Cork House

Exploring the Anthropocene within the context of architecture, I researched the rise in sea levels due to global warming and the impact they are having on the built environment, specifically Tuvalu which is located in the pacific islands. 

Initially, my group investigated a list of buildings by drawing and researching them. This contributed to us gaining an understanding of how they were built and how humans have changed the way they have lived through time. We then critically appraised them and I further investigated ‘durability against flooding’ following on from my research on Vitruvius’ pillars of good architecture. I then explored current adaptations of living on water.

I finalised this research by creating a series of postcards depicting how high the water level would be if the buildings I had researched were located on Tuvalu with the current 2100 projections of increases in sea level.


Being HUMAN 2021/22