Yuheng Gong Link Being Human = Being Positive

MEDIA: Outcome Video
MEDIA: Song Made for the Project

The notion of this project is based on and originated from some key concepts articulated in the lecture and reading resources given from the school, which to conclude is more like an appealing of the mindset that human should have: To keep positive, approximately keep distance to tools we have and reflectively use them to explore new possibilities of human nature. Subject to this theme and my “digital art” course background, this project is experiment-oriented, and the outcome tries to brief the experiments in a linear and value-cleared form to present the aspect of my research as well as the general topic “Being Human”. The research and archives that has been paid attention to both aesthetically and conceptually influence the progress of the project. The experience of this project is not only the journey of learning and growing knowledge related to human and society, but also a valuable chance to directly reflect on myself individually and speculate how to respond to the topic spontaneously and then adjust (more confirmedly) continue my personal lifestyles.

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