Leen Ismeik Link Parkinson’s Majlis

IMAGE: 3D Rendering
IMAGE: Isometric Drawing

For my Being Human project I chose to focus on Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s is a neurological disorder that causes effects such as mobility issues including a shortening of step length, a tendency to fall over and experiencing “freezing”. When I began my research I found that many sufferers of Parkinson’s find garden space important and find gardening can be therapeutic, which highlighted the importance of outside space in my mind. When we were told to design a space that would allow our clients to reduce the effects of the pandemic I immediately thought of designing a majlis. A majlis is a space found in Arab culture that is designed around socialising, which would make it ideal for the dealing with the pandemic. By having an outside majlis this would ensure that our client was able to socialise in a safe environment.  My majlis is subterranean so that my client is literally surrounded by nature. My client can access the majlis from either side and can enter the majlis by following a path with a low slope. Furthermore it features exposed roof beams firstly to allow natural light, but secondly to form a pattern of parallel lines on the floor which is helpful for Parkinson’s patients when walking. 

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