Louise Mcgunnigle Link Being Human: An Exploration of the Human and Inhumane

IMAGE: Acrylic on MDF Board. Approx 20x30 inches
IMAGE: Acrylic Triptych on Paper. Approx 16x23 inches
IMAGE: Acrylic on Paper. Approx 16x23 inches
IMAGE: Acrylic on Canvas. Aprox 80x100 cm

To fully understand what ‘Being Human’ means I think it is relevant to also understand what being inhumane means. For something to exist in our world so must its opposite. Such contrast in humanity can be found in relationships, emotions and public life. ‘Porphyria”, a short film made in 1960 was relevant in my research of the human and inhumane as the relationship portrayed highlighted both extremes. This relates to the theme of ‘Being Human’ as human relationships are a key aspect of an individual’s life. However, with many human relationships there are often inhumane acts. This has informed my work in relation to what aspects of being human and inhumane affect our life. The purpose of my studio work was to highlight the contrasting elements of humanity and the inhumane. I did this through an exploration of scale, colour and subject matter. I was inspired by artists such as Ken Currie, Barbara Kruger and Marlene Dumas. A key aspect of my studio work was the use of red and blue to convey a contrast in emotions such as Love, Selfishness, Fear and Regret and other themes such as violence.


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