Mhairi Reid Link Anthropcene – Being Human

IMAGE: Curtains from my bedroom
IMAGE: The garments I chose
IMAGE: label research
IMAGE: Garment manipulation
IMAGE: My top collages
IMAGE: Chosen photoshopped collage
IMAGE: Close up of shoulders
IMAGE: Me wearing the final piece

At the start of this project, I struggled with what to do, but when I found out that the 18-year-old curtains from my childhood bedroom were being thrown out I knew I wanted to incorporate them. So, I homed in on the idea of bringing back meaning to what we wear, instead of buying things on a whim I want to put love and individuality into clothing. So, when picking my garments, I based them off the curtains to make it more personal. I researched about clothing before the industrial revolution and incorporated the ‘Make Do and Mend’ aspect from World War 2, to help get my idea across.