Morgan Ripley Link An Ordinary Reception- Co-Lab

MEDIA: This is my 60 second film.
IMAGE: The opening scene to the film, showing the title.
IMAGE: Research Inspiration- click to see the inspirational video.
IMAGE: More clips from the film.
IMAGE: the storyboard that helped my filming process using photos from the reception I was using.

The process of being human was quite a challenge. The process of making a film was very different from how I had imagined, the research of other films and videos was a very key part of my film making process. Looking into the national film archive was a great insight into the different styles of film I could try and make.  The process of making the film in itself was easier than thinking of the idea, creating the idea was quite a long process as there was a lot of tweaking and changing the idea to get the proper result. The idea of being human was a very ambiguous term for me. To make my film relate to being human, I had to think of what it was that was a part of being human. To me, a part of being human is recognizing different locations as different emotions and feelings, so I got a reception as being a mundane ordinary place, so in the film altering that is shown to alter emotions. Therefore, in my filming, I tried to show the ordinary becoming unordinary in order to change the emotion.

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