Katherine Welsh Link Traces

What does ‘Being Human’ mean to me? Throughout my research into the Moving Image Archive, I have contemplated the different aspects of what it means to be human. I found old videos in and around the home and daily life to be particularly relevant to my project, and thoroughly enjoyed watching these. During the research process I began to develop my ideas and came up with a few concepts on what being human means to me. Being given the task of producing a short film including a human, a sound, and an interior, I was able to investigate how we inhabit spaces. To me, a hugely important aspect of being human is how we occupy and live in our interiors. In my film, my take on ‘Being Human’ explores the traces we leave behind in the world. The concept of my film has been influenced by Walter Benjamin’s quote ‘To live means to leave traces’. I am intrigued by Benjamin’s observation of life in the interior. He contemplates how living is made meaningful within the interior, how it tells the story of our personal memories. Documented in my film is how I inhabit my space in my everyday life.

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