Abandonment, ruins and ruination

IMAGE: Edyta - Lady Trash
IMAGE: Lady Trash Closeup
IMAGE: Edyta - Steve
IMAGE: Gabriella - Antropomorphic Wires
IMAGE: Gabriella - Collage
IMAGE: Gabriella - Field Research
IMAGE: Patrick - Face of Camden
IMAGE: Patrick - Face of Camden Closeup
IMAGE: Patrick - Face of Glasgow
IMAGE: Alex - Scrap Golem
IMAGE: Alex - Polis Apo
IMAGE: Alex - Landscape 1
IMAGE: Alex - Landscape 2
IMAGE: Alex - Landscape 3
MEDIA: 3D Tour

In response to “A Tour of the Monuments of Passaic, New Jersey” by Robert Smith, we photographed our local environments and collectively decided to explore the theme of abandonment whether through objects, environments, but particularly ruination. Focalising on abandoned structures, highlight them as monuments like in the Smithson text, we wanted to raise awareness of what we’ve left behind. We continued to explore this theme introducing collecting combined with photography to create anthropomorphic structures constructed from discarded and forgotten objects salvaged from our habitats. We believed that the objects that were thrown away are a reflection of the people that lived in that environment and through personifying the rubbish we were making people more conscious of what they had abandoned. We decided to individually respond to the same theme of abandonment reflecting on anthropomorphology, Japanese zen ideals of Wabi-Sabi, aesthetics of the sublime, and the entropic city through sculpture, collage, and digital art. To culminate the project we’re presenting our work side by side in a virtual gallery space.

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