man-made vs nature

At the heart of the Anthropocene, you will find human expansion and the battle of man-made vs natural. Human impact has shaped our earth, to such a degree that it can no longer care for itself. To display the Anthropocene through art is often to look at what has been and what is to come. Decay, destruction, and industrialisation are all factors that contend with our earth and often win. In this project, we hope to convey a recognition of our planet and knowledge of its struggle, in order to move to improve and strengthen the world’s view on the climate crisis, highlighting the detrimental difference between man-made and natural by experimenting with different materials. If we changed our relationship with man-made materials for example plastics, in years to come they could be dug up like future fossil fuels and seen as something beautiful. Nature is not a pristine realm, and it cannot be expected to heal.

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