Joanna Twaites Link Wool

IMAGE: Wool Mask
IMAGE: Wool Hands
IMAGE: Wool Eyes
IMAGE: Who, me?
IMAGE: Getting Ready
IMAGE: Washing Line

I have been researching the mills in Ireland along with the women and children working there. I feel strongly about showing the economic disparities between the working and middle classes and the unjust nature of the system.

The material I have been working with is wool. I started working with this material, using it to crochet, creating my idea alongside researching. I had the idea to create an outfit from the wool crocheting it myself, depicting a surreal, creature like visual based on the plight of the women in the mills.

I believe this research is relevant today as government and business are using the current climate to strip away our rights as workers, as my research has led me to see, working in the mills was abusive and so was the control the British government had over Irelands mills and exports.


Being HUMAN 2021/22