Courtney Williamson Link Vulnerability, Fragility and Ritual

MEDIA: Moving Image Piece

This project explores the themes of vulnerability, fragility and ritual and the relationship between them. How our early life experiences of comfort, attachment and safety can influence our behaviours later in life and if these behaviours are our answer to our human fragility.

My piece uses symbol collected from various moving image to show these overarching themes (vulnerability, fragility and ritual) laid out in a ways that shows the relationships between them. Some are reversed as a nod to how the past and how our experience of our past connections shapes and effects our behaviours that we bring to the present. I believe that vulnerability isn’t necessarily a strictly human trait but it’s how we deal with this that makes us different. It’s another window into out ever complicated way to deal with life in a human way. 


“We encode these emotions early and carry them forward through symbol and ritual, using physical experiences and objects as memory-anchors.” – Maria Popova 

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