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IMAGE: Final Outcome
IMAGE: Close up (1)
IMAGE: Close up (2)
IMAGE: Close up (3)
IMAGE: Close up (4)

My final outcome imitates a catalogue send off that one might find in the back of a vintage magazine or comic book. As I’m looking at a 70s/80s vintage toy archive, I thought this idea was fitting. Each individual item I have collected, roughly, throughout the past 5 years all coming together to create an archive of its own. As I was trying to capture the idea of this catalogue a lot of research went into it, does to the characters in the columns and the thought out description of each item. The idea of a catalogue back page made sense to me as it reflected my ideas around being human, a sort of questioning around consuming and collecting, as well as this I strived too make the piece as dense and compact as I could to portray that idea of perhaps a sense of hoarding within our human capabilities.

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