Noah Herbert Link Unlocking Doors

MEDIA: 'Unlocking doors'

The films focus is on the unrealistic expectations of work in our current world and how little time that gives people to rest at the end of each day. This is centered around the idea that this is not what ‘being human’ is about or how anyone should have to live. Which is due to the general devaluation of human life in modern society. 

It’s not this way by mistake and was organized to benefit the small minority of people who have all the power and control. While maintaining the illusion that we can work to their position and that it’s all a matter of effort. When every day is spent jumping through hoops and unlocking doors that don’t lead anywhere new. 

And really, it’s just a game of luck, if you’re in a room right next to the exit there’s much less effort to put in and more time to reap rewards. But that’s only a few people. The majority are at a natural disadvantage and must do much more work for smaller compensation. 

Life should not be weighed on a game of chance with immeasurable odds or wasted away working. That is not living.

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