Esme Lawton Link Translating Ocean Pollution Of kelp Into ‘Living Art’ For The Visually Impaired

IMAGE: Healthy Kelp Farms Symbolised With Clean And Unpolluted String
IMAGE: Showing The Gradual But Significant Pollution That Is Beginning To Break Down And Kill The Healthy Kelp Farms.
IMAGE: Fully Polluted Kelp Farm, Decimated With Rubbish That Will Suffocate And Kill The Once Healthy Kelp

When faced with the brief of being a responsible designer in relation to the anthropocene, I thought it important to look into the issue of inclusivity in the arts industry for the visually impaired. with globally 36 million people visually impaired or blind I wanted to create the concept of a ‘living’ installation that could be interacted with by both sighted and visually impaired people. something that could be touched and that had many engaging texture,  while also educating on the issues of ocean pollution on the vitally important kelp farms in our oceans.


Being HUMAN 2021/22