Archie Wain Link (The Roots of Humans)Being Human

IMAGE: Reticulated Landscape Box
IMAGE: Exploring Texture/Surface
IMAGE: Inspiration
IMAGE: Exploring Surface
IMAGE: Foam model
IMAGE: 3D image of my design


A piece I found most relevant from my archive visit was a piece by Kevin O’Dwyer which was a Sterling silver box that had been patterned on all sides but one and then reticulated on the top surfaceI thought it was relevant to my project as he uses a reticulated technique on his piece to create a landscape texture which inspired me to explore textures and landscapes. 

Looking at my research I was inspired by the landscape of Chinese rice terraces and the way that people created these patterns and surfaces to grow their food. Therefore, I think that it relates to the theme of ‘Being Human’ as I feel that naturhas always been here before humans and we evolved from nature so it has a huge connection to what being human means for me. 

lectures and texts informed my interpretation of being human by helping me explore outside the box and ideas of what being human means and dig deeper into the theme. It also led me into the right direction for making my studio work as I wasn’t sure where I would take this project and what materials to use. 


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