Ji An Link The Den, The Nest

IMAGE: Perspective
IMAGE: Section

In response to the brief, I chose to design a folly around the needs of autistic people. This disconnected structure came from the needs of those who are hypersensitive and hyposensitive, meaning some are easily overwhelmed by the sensory environment and others crave for more sensory stimulus. This space gives each person a choice, both areas provide an escape from the ordinary, everyday environment in different manners.

The ‘Den’ is a small, burrow-like cove, sheltering the user from outside light, sounds and action. The user can feel held and embraced by the structure, giving them physical anchor during moments of anxiety.

The ‘Nest’ is a relaxing viewing point, framing the sky, giving the user an ability to directly experience the natural environment around them in the uncovered space. Allowing nature to stimulate the senses in a soothing way.

Originally one interlocking volume, pulled apart to create the two distinctive sections. The experience of this structure is dependent on the user. Their choice to travel between the Den and the Nest, or rest within one.

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