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IMAGE: page1.
IMAGE: Page2. My friend was doing plant rubbing and the fabric she got.
IMAGE: page3.
IMAGE: Page4. She sewed a few stitches on the fabric.
IMAGE: The huge.
MEDIA: My video

I ended up with my kit being a process rather than just an installation or a piece of clothing. First of all, I hung several fabrics which were regenerated and had already been dyed with natural materials (flowers) on the wall and put a table next to them. I  prepared some plants for people to do plant rubbing by themselves and they could add the fabric to the wall next to it. At the same time, people could each sew a few stitches on the fabric with a prepared needle and thread to feel the fun of sewing and making. I made sleeves when I got the complete fabric and filled them with old clothes to make them look like two arms and pose them in a hugging position so that people can hug with. Thanks to Wenwen Liu to be the first person to experience my kit.


Being HUMAN 2021/22