Charlotte Brogan Link The Anthropocene Diaries

IMAGE: Day 1
IMAGE: Day 2
IMAGE: Day 3
IMAGE: Day 4
IMAGE: Day 5
IMAGE: Day 6
IMAGE: Day 7
IMAGE: Tree Rings Development 1
IMAGE: Tree Rings Development 2
IMAGE: Tree Rings Development 3
IMAGE: Tree Rings Development 4
IMAGE: Tree Rings Development 5
IMAGE: Final Outcome

We take for granted our accessibility to document the creative outputs we compose. From the beginning of mankind, the recordings of our lives have been documented through the inscription upon the walls that surround us, becoming the canvases of our lives. The method through which we have evolved to recording our abstract thoughts has manifested itself through the written word. The diaries through which Frida Kahlo documented the last ten years of life embody the remedial and intimate nature our inscribing’s can possess. As Sarah M. Lowe describes, “Kahlo’s own diary specifically, is the self. Kahlo’s motivation has less to do with communication than with negotiating her relationship with herself”. As humans we have come to define the canvas through the voluntary act of artistic expression, though the canvas through which the environment has recorded its lifespan has evolved through the manual growth of tree rings. Whilst our documentations are in sole collaboration with ourselves, the trees are in a dependent collaboration with the earth. As living creatures, we record our own personal existence. The living creatures of nature are the trees recording the earths existence.


Being HUMAN 2021/22