Katie Lawson Link The Anthropocene

IMAGE: Front view of final garment
IMAGE: Side view of sleeve
IMAGE: Close up of detailed lapel
IMAGE: Back view of garment
IMAGE: chosen final collage
IMAGE: Coloured drawing of final garment
IMAGE: Pencil drawing of fast fashion brand

Many fashion retailers to this day are using more fast fashion which is becoming a major issue in the world. As designers in the Anthropocene it is important that we make a change for the future by becoming more sustainable when designing new garments.The concept behind my project is to concentrate on choosing garments from the charity shop  that have been mass produced and putting my own design to it. The design is valuable and will last longer. I have decided to combine two of project leader Jimmy Cran’s questions : “How might you add value to a garment?” “Does it promote child labour free?” the design is intended to look fashionable deliberately to attract interest and appeal.


Being HUMAN 2021/22