Edyta Zywicka Link (Synopsis) Being Human

IMAGE: Greta McMillan and her painting

What does it mean to be human? Human is a very broad term that we use to describe our species. However, if we consider ourselves as the same kind do, we treat each other equally? Is a person with a healthy body capable of more than a person with a disability, or are those limits just imbedded in our minds?
My team and I thoroughly researched what it means to be human with a disability. After our discussions, we have decided to create 4 spaces adapted to 4 completely different disabilities.I have decided to create a space for a visually impaired person.
In one of our lectures, we have met Greta who lived in a “Ramp House” that her parents designed for her. She overcame her disability and started developing her art just by using her eye gaze. Her paintings are exhibited all over the world. I have a well-functioning body, and biggest exhibition I had was on my kitchen fridge. That made me question why some people with what’s considered a normal body don’t take full advantage of the privilege they have and choose not to pursue their dreams. Obviously, our body is not an only obstacle. Also, this brief zoom call changed the way I think of designing for disabled people; we need to take advantage of nowadays technologies to free people who might be suppressed by their body and help them express themselves.

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