Lucia Coggins Link Sustainable fabric

IMAGE: 60 second video

Not only is Anthropocene a huge word, its also a huge topic. So, to be honest, when I saw that this was part of the project brief, I was bamboozled to say the least! After listening to some lectures on the topic and carrying out my own personal research, the initial idea that popped into mind was Kirkbydesign fabric books, which is a company producing a collection of sustainable fabrics and donating money to charities with environmental links for each meter of fabric sold. I first leaned about these fabric sample books through my local interior design shop which I work in. I began researching the company and figured the intentions of this company really interested me, so I began thinking of ways I could incorporate this fabric into my video to represent a section of the Anthropocene, as well as ways I could incorporate an interior, a person, a sound and ‘being human’ through doing our small part to better the planet.


Being HUMAN 2021/22