Subverting Hostile Architecture

MEDIA: Credits - Filming: Kaci Smith, Blue Balaclava: Arun Bhogal, Green Balaclava: Joanna Twaites
IMAGE: Smile Your on Camera
IMAGE: Comfy Seat Ahead

Through watching and documenting the city we have viewed hostile architecture; in our eyes it is anti-social and anti-homeless. Some of the hostile signage and structures are obvious and some are subtle you wouldn’t notice. We see it as a judgement on how certain people choose to live or have found themselves in a certain situation, that if you are not paying for the use of the space through bars or cafes, the space is constructed in such a way to make you feel uncomfortable, so you wont stay there for a long period of time. This has brought us to the question, what is public space?

We intend to carry out a series of street interventions subverting these structures and signage hoping to challenge this hostile norm.

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