Joseph Cameron Link Structures and collapse

IMAGE: We live in a house of mirrors, a white wash of arbitrary digits and apparently 'historyless' buildings that can leave the individual feeling cold and alienated.
IMAGE: Parts relating to a whole; the individuals relate to each other and to the whole; through their differences, through the infinity of the woods/darkness/light/the shared music. Light is scattered into its constituent parts. The limited individuals reunite in the unlimited.
IMAGE: Death is the ultimate undoing of structures and liberation into the infinite. I felt these images, of ceramics being washed over and over by the infinite flow of the riverbed, being ‘reduced to sediment’ of being washed away, to be powerful. These archetypal china remnants brought about images of old age, maturity, ripeness, over-ripeness, grandfathers, and grandmothers.
IMAGE: I wanted this ‘oneiric town’ to covey the self-relating structure of a dream, where every part is in relation to the whole. The people, animals, and buildings are of the one mind (that of the dreamer) and in this sense the town unifies all structures, internal and external. The town circumambulates around the faceless clock tower, and an endless river flows through its centre.

Looking at archive footage related to housing (re)developments in and around Glasgow. I wanted to explore how people relate to the physical structures of their homes and built environments, and how the build environment could encourage or discourage a relation to the whole. The natural environmental/socio-psychological whole. Nowadays we appear to be separated from the whole, these brutalist new builds do not suggest a seamless relation with the infinite but an insulation and separation of the individual from any shared reality.

Structures help us find our place within the infinite. Without them we are lost, with them we are limited. Structures are a finite means of relating to the infinite.

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