Ana Bagapuro Link Screen

IMAGE: An insight of my thinking process for my film.
IMAGE: First draft storyboard for the film
IMAGE: Experimental shots of interior. Heavily inspired by Stefano Corso's "The Red Door."

My project film, “Screen”, explores the theme of being human by showcasing communication with people through the use of technology in our daily lives.


What makes us human is through our interactions with others and building a sense of bond with others. However, with the integration of technology within our lifestyle, our communication with people have changed. Social media allows us to meet others around the world which gives us the opportunity to increase our social connections. Even though technology is a wonderful tool for us to create new connections, it seems more complicated trying to keep in touch with people through social media than in real life, especially when you truly don’t know the person that you are talking to behind the screen.


In my film, I wanted to depict the contrast between human interaction through technology and in person. I portrayed the interior of the living room and hallway as a metaphor of a mind space of a person who gets overwhelmed from socialising with others online. This is then contrasted from the natural lighting in the interior of the room to showcase a sense of relief from the technology through interacting with others face to face.

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