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IMAGE: The Beginning
IMAGE: Materials
IMAGE: The Touch Up
IMAGE: End of the beginning/Beginning of the end
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IMAGE: The "promised" land
IMAGE: Pilars
IMAGE: The Harbor
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IMAGE: Moving Music
IMAGE: Kitchen Table
IMAGE: The Rebirth of an old workshop

In my project I wanted to show how far we’ve strayed from being the original human, in that we aren’t simply just surviving anymore. So much so that most people couldn’t live their everyday life without these things that would otherwise be so frivolous. For example we walk around all day with all the world’s information in our pockets and at our fingertips and what do we do with it? Although I appreciate technology and what these inventions have done for the advancement of the human race, I believe the day we accepted these technologies into our everyday life is the day we all signed our death warrant, and we may have slowly began our extinction. In this showcase I have three bodies of work, the first being the construction of our boatshed over the past couple of weeks, the second being our house as we are moving in, and the third is lines at the poles during our recent presidential election.

Do we need to complete lifelong goals, no, but otherwise our life might be meaningless, perhaps without happiness.

Do we need a leader to dictate to us, and to decide for us, no, but some people would be completely lost without one.

Do we need the items of our past to move on to the future, no, but we carry them everywhere we go.

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