Duncan Fleming Link Responsible design

IMAGE: Final piece illustration
IMAGE: Final piece (front view)
IMAGE: Final piece (side view)
IMAGE: Final piece (full length view)

As designers in the Anthropocene, we have a responsibility to be more sustainable when it comes to our design choices.  We must think about how we effect the planet and its eco systems and encourage others to make better choices that will benefit the planet. 

As a responsible designer and taking a sustainability approach for this project, I worked with pre-existing garments and repurposed them into a high fashion gown.  I focused on promoting wellbeing & engaging with the past for this project,  two of Professor Jimmy Stephen-Cran’s questions highlighted in the brief. I focused on the concept of corsetry which is to cinch in the waist and create the infamous hourglass figure. I also wanted to acknowledge how damaging it was for woman and the health issues caused by them. I wanted by final piece to be slim fitting and emphasise the feminine form, without it being so restrictive for the wearer. 


Being HUMAN 2021/22