Emily Earsman Link Reconnecting

What is the Anthropocene? As the Being Human project began, Elizabeth Hodson(1) prompted this question, and suggested it could be the collision of humans with the earth. For centuries humans lived in harmony with their surrounding environment, and now it is the job of everyone, including architects, to allow humans to achieve this once again. Through researching architecture in different periods of time I found that vernacular architecture is the ideal vehicle to do this due to its inherent sustainability. I further investigated this through the form and materials of various vernacular building types, which led me to explore the local materials of the urban environment around me. The result was a piece that represents the elements of a Scottish Blackhouse roof and is also inspired by one of the key principles of vernacular architecture, using the materials around you.

  1. Hodson, E. ‘Being Human and the Anthropocene’, The Glasgow School of Art, FYE Co-Lab 1 Project (2021) https://canvas.gsa.ac.uk/courses/1655/pages/elizabeth-hodson-lecture-being-human-and-the-anthropocene?module_item_id=97447


Being HUMAN 2021/22