Megan Waterston Link Re-use for Joy

IMAGE: 'Re-use for Joy' Hammock Final Piece
IMAGE: Swing form
IMAGE: Progress of stitching
IMAGE: Materials close up

Re-use for Joy

The hammock is built from tights, curtains and old scraps to present to public that re-use can be enjoyable, entertaining and encourage people to do more.

During the first workshop of Co-lab1, I worked with ripped tights, often found in landfill. I used darning techniques to celebrate the material’s flaws. I then considered how I could design something using recycled materials. My research focussed on the environmental impact of textile waste, and I was inspired by artists including Guerra de la Paz and Sonia Gomes who use recycled fabrics.

Recycling can be overwhelming, with many people experiencing climate anxiety and feeling swamped by the number of “duties” involved. I decided my piece would be a hammock built from scrap material representing a fun outcome of recycling. However, during the process I realised that it was also functional depending on user needs. My project’s objective is to encourage more people to recycle by seeing it as something to enjoy.



Being HUMAN 2021/22