Jemma Morse Link Rammed Earth – The Renewal Material

IMAGE: Image of the building I am redesigning to get rid of its unsustainable materials.
IMAGE: Images of Arid areas and where MINIMOD is located.
IMAGE: Drawings and Images of Cross Laminated Timber and how it is constructed
IMAGE: My inspiration photo for aesthetics, how rammed earth was originally made, and a graphic showing how it is constructed.
IMAGE: My Final idea for redesigning the MINIMOD building

In my project, I have interpreted the theme of Anthropocene, which is the most recent period where human activity has started to have a significant impact on the climate on Earth. I researched many different materials within vernacular architecture and materials that are more recently used in 20th Century architecture. Vernacular architecture focuses on the structure and cultural influences, whereas 20th-century architecture can solely focus on aesthetics. I want to bring these two aspects together in my project and design a building with forwarding thinking. To be specific I chose one 20th century building (MINIMOD, Curucaca, Brazil) that has unsustainable materials and decided to redesign it so that it could be transformed into an eco-friendly building.


Being HUMAN 2021/22