Linnea Stadelmann Lindberg Link PTSD – A building for the mind

IMAGE: Section view
IMAGE: Plan view
IMAGE: Perspective drawing
IMAGE: Greenery - flower

The archived taught me that further back in time they seem to have used to treat those with mental illnesses quite poorlythey did probably not feel as valid or as an equal to those without a mental illness. Although this might be due to their lack of knowledges about mental illnesses.  

This made me aware how a lot of people seemed to be quite uneducated on the subject and that it did not seem to have been thought about that much. Nowadays we have more knowledge about the subject and those with mental illnesses are getting treated better, more like human beings. 

This relates to the theme ‘Being Human’ since it is about people’s mental state. Someone’s mental state should not define them or make them less valued because of it. 

Florians lecture ‘What is normal’ and the text ‘Human condition’ by Hannah Arendt, made me think about disabilities that you cannot seeThe things we don’t see are often excluded from the norm of the majority.  

All of this made me want to create an open space to feel freer inLarge windows, a hole in the roof and high walls to make it more spacious and greenery to calm the mind. 

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