Tania Rodrigues Link Prejudice and Speculation

IMAGE: Large Wavy Bowl by Baajie Pickard, 1980
IMAGE: Frantz Fanon: Black Faces, White Masks
IMAGE: "Mortality Sucks", replica by me of a Hanz Zatzka Print of a Girl Holding a Kitten
IMAGE: Online archive I explored
IMAGE: My personal archive of my late grandmother's belongings from her life in pre and post-colonial Kenya.
IMAGE: Page 1 from the case file
IMAGE: Page 13 from the case file
IMAGE: Page 20 from the case file
IMAGE: The individual or the religious institution?

My object from the GSA Archives was a “Wavy Bowl” by Baajie Pickard which facilitated initial ideas of domestication and the way humans alter the world to fit themselves. I first looked at the relationship and lifespans between humans and animals leading to examining mortality and existentialism. I then realised the slave-like nature of owning animals then I began looking at colonialism as a tool to divide and dehumanise and how the post-human’s inherent acceptance of all these “subhumans” and decentralisation of the “humans” allowed equality. This led me to explore the idea of speculation by displaying my work in an objective way, letting the viewer decentralise themselves from the content and instead view the work objectively. I believe Being Human today is the effort to perpetuate equality and subvert prejudice. It’s the sustained effort to admit wrongdoings and right them. It’s the idea to recognise and correct our species failures. An objective perspective on human faults is what I hoped to achieve through using a case file format in my recent project. I explored the effect of conservative religion upon homosexuality in a post-colonial society in 1979, Kenya, and used the lens of the Kenyan-Goan experience through the brown catholic woman to create a narrative of “saving” someone from “sin” and attaining “salvation”.

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