Angelo Karle Link Plant Powered Vibrant Photography

IMAGE: ingredients
IMAGE: steeping plants
IMAGE: multiple developers in progress
IMAGE: storing them
IMAGE: allowing negatives to dry
IMAGE: creating fix from saltwater
IMAGE: 5x4 sheet film negative, one of the most successful
IMAGE: 5x4 sheet film negative, second of the most successful

This project focuses on the process of creating an analogue negative from a perspective based on the thought of social ecology and vibrant matter. I formulated a series of seven developers based on ingredients available to me, either already in my own living space or that I was able to forage. The result is a series of large format negatives and 2 rolls of film processed by hand at home and, more to the point, a working understanding of the best way to formulate photographic developer while working in collaboration with my surroundings. See my website for more information.

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