Our Habitat

MEDIA: Anjian - Journey to GSA
IMAGE: Liam - Map of People in Area
IMAGE: Liam - Observations of Sandra MacLeod
IMAGE: Liam - Observations of Aminah Collery
IMAGE: Liam - Observations of Heather Ferguson
IMAGE: Liam - Observations of Theo Lockett
IMAGE: Liam - Visualisation of Habitat and World

How do we map space and understand it properly? To do this, we decided to map our journey to university. Liam coming from the West End of Glasgow, and Anjian coming from Blythswood halls just off Sauchiehall street. We began mapping these areas similarly initially, however this led to us developing our own forms of mapping the journey and area. Anjian mapped the area through videos and showing the history of the walk; Liam mapped the area and the societal perspectives within that impact on the environment and the Anthropocene. Ultimately tying together, a clear story of, both our journeys to university and relating them to the Anthropocene.

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