IMAGE: Photo of final work.
IMAGE: Internal handicrafts.
IMAGE: Photos took in park and on street.
IMAGE: Views from inside the device in park and on street.
IMAGE: The park scene in the film
IMAGE: The street scene in the movie
MEDIA: Film making

Due to human development, the green space of habitat is decreasing. Our group made this device and a film to let people feel the world from the perspective of nature and plants. In the park, this device can be better integrated into the environment, but it will be very abrupt in the street. This is because there are few green plants on the streets, which are replaced by various man-made buildings and roads. When viewing the park and streets from the inside of the device, walking on the streets will have a sense of alienation, which is incompatible with the surrounding atmosphere. When making movies, I deliberately used worse picture quality to reflect the scenery of the park and clearer but low saturation pictures to reflect the city streets. This is to express that the natural elements are slowly being deprived and away from us, while the urban landscape has become ubiquitous.

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