Megan Young Link Modern Solution to Global Housing Crisis

Exploring the theme of the Anthropocene and living in a world where we are seeing just how much humans have impacted the earth, I have decided to look into how we can update buildings that date back to before the Anthropocene and see how they can be updated, modernised and repurposed. Researching buildings from the Vernacular, Post Industrial and Modern periods, it was clear to see how much has changed in terms of materials used and construction techniques. I have decided to look at how I can update the original Mongolian Ger model, changing its design and functionality to create a solution for temporary accommodation in situations where shelter is greatly needed and needed quickly. Creating a solution to forced migration caused by both environmental factors and human factors, the idea behind the design is that it’s quick to assemble, provides a safe and comfortable environment and comes equipped with all the necessities for daily living.


Being HUMAN 2021/22