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The concept of my film, around the notion of Being Human, is the deterioration of a person’s mental health whilst living alone during the 2020 Coronavirus lockdown in the United Kingdom. My approach to this project began by determining that living life to the fullest and being optimistic about every situation that you are faced with is an example of what being human means to me yet this was challenging during lockdown specifically for people who were living alone. The storyline of the film Lonesome lockdown is when a person learns that the UK was going into lockdown and that they were not allowed to go out to work or to socialise with others anymore and had to stay in their homes. As the film goes on, the person gets progressively more bored and distressed by being alone and indoors all day and an extension is announced. I aimed to explore the emotions that people may have experienced and include some nostalgic activities and events. 

For this film, I was inspired through my exploration of the National Library of Scotland’s Moving Image Archive and watching many short films and clips on the history of Scotland and looked at how interiors were presented in films and how they, and sounds, were used to present a narrative. Also, I was heavily inspired by Kim O’Neil’s presentation and padlet on camera techniques and how the use of movement, framing and space also played a vital role in the storytelling. This knowledge is evident in my work through my use of a variety of camera angles a framework. 

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