James Ackermann Link Library for Claustrophobia and Agoraphobia sufferers.

IMAGE: Library Section
IMAGE: Library Plan
IMAGE: Library Plan, negative space
IMAGE: Library line of sight (3)
IMAGE: Library line of sight (4)
IMAGE: Library ceiling, clouds and constellations
IMAGE: Library ceiling, sunset and constellations

During our archive research, I was focussed on the idea that although CoLAB is a shared experience, everyone on the course would have a different perception of the information presented to us, and different perspectives on the tasks at hand. I believe that to be human is to have an individual perspective of a shared experience. Space Settlements, The Human Condition and several other texts helped inform my perspective and thinking on being human, and the lectures we attended, such as Humanism, inspired me to explore perspective and the usage of optical illusions in designing spaces, as these illusions dramatically alter our experience of a space. In my essay, I explore other methods of altering the perception of space, including using classical architectural elements, such as columns.

From my research, I concluded that in order to help both claustrophobia and agoraphobia sufferers use the emerging space, I would need to change their perception of their surroundings. This is evidenced in my studio work, as the space I design evolves from a primitive structure to one that manipulates lines of sight, and attempts to encourage exploration and movement. 

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