Anna Lewis Link Legroom

IMAGE: Casting of the volume of my hands
IMAGE: Loch Lomond water jellies
IMAGE: Me in Loch Lomond
IMAGE: Casting my legs
IMAGE: 40 Litres of Loch Lomond water
IMAGE: A clip from my film about stealing Loch Lomond water - see Padlet page

By the end of my project, I found myself lugging 40 litres of water back from Loch Lomond and making castings of both of my legs. It all began when I first stood within the water of the Loch. My legs occupied a space in the water and I was fascinated by the idea that I had taken something from this body of water with the presence of my body. Having water as my material collaborator, my work documents the flood of ideas I had in relation to said water and my connection with that space.


Being HUMAN 2021/22