Olga Serdyukova Link Learning our way through the Anthropocene

IMAGE: The final kit (package and display)
IMAGE: The kit in the 'open' form with puzzle-like toys being part of the display
IMAGE: Part of the instructions to the kit
IMAGE: Image cards. To make it easier for the children to identify objects

My kit functions as an interactive educational toy for children (6+). It aims to help kids make sense of the natural and the man-made parts of our world. They are not in balance, one(man-made) being abusive of the other(natural) and they come in this overwhelming merge where the child is unable to distinguish between them. My kit thus aids to make this distinction. It stimulates children to pose questions about why are the objects different, which is bad and which is good and the origins of the objects. This can be the first step to understanding the Anthropocene. And with understanding comes change. 

The components of the kit are white cardboard puzzle toys that either resemble elements of nature or man-made objects. The users of the kit have to collect those material themselves and use it in a creative way to make designs on the puzzle pieces. E.g. draw the pattern, depict the colour, etc.


Being HUMAN 2021/22