Lyela Ahmad Link Identify Yourself

For this project I choose to research into my personal collection of jackets, exploring the theme of identity. I began to explore the idea of clothing, and how clothing is quite unique to us humans. The way us humans dress, is a way we express ourselves to others and I wanted to explore it further within this project. I choose to limit myself with by only using three types of style, them being “Basic”, “Gothic/punk” and “Alternative/ Indie”, collecting objects and other pieces of clothing that would relate into these types of styles. Which was then recreated into miniature crime scenes and photographed. I choose to create a investigation wall as this idea of identity is significant within police investigations. When investigations are carried out, police are looking for any clues of appearances, such as facial features, hair colour and clothing for them to identify a suppose criminal. Which all comes under how us human identify and express ourselves through our clothing.

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