IMAGE: TIME Zine 01 cover - how we experience time as children.
IMAGE: Gazing up at the sky as a baby, the baby mobile above your head in your cot and night. Head in the clouds looking up at at the sky, bright sun beaming down.
IMAGE: Origins of one of the earliest time keeping methods: the sundial.
IMAGE: Brushing your teeth as a child, using a two minute cheap plastic version of an hourglass.
IMAGE: Origins of the hourglass.
IMAGE: Waiting... Waiting... seconds passing by s l o w l y.
IMAGE: Other zine covers - colours de-saturating as time flies faster and memory is lost...

My final outcome is a zine, utilising the number of pages to mirror the flow of time. I added more pages for this zine 01 Child, to reflect how you feel like you have all the time in the world as a child. Moments such as brushing your teeth can drag on for so long, when you just want to get back to playing. My colour pallet was echoing the light carefree attitude towards time in childhood. It feels like you have all the time in the world. When you can’t wait to grow up. For the other zines/chapters I am fading the colour and rip out pages to symbolise memory loss and time passing by in a blur. Zine 03 Elderly, is fully black and white, no colour and less pages to create contrast with the perception of time through different stages of human life.

With my archive being the online Seiko Watch archive, it showed the development of time keeping methods. I found this incredibly interesting and wanted to share this knowledge so therefore I interwove it with the zine showing a child’s perspective. Linking the chronological ageing of human life to the early developments of time keeping methods being invented. I also researched why we experience time differently, and research by Professor Adrian Bejan suggests time “is related to a number of mental images our brain encounters and organises as we age”. So when we’re older the mental images decrease and this shift makes it feel like time is speeding up. This is why for zine 01 Child, just small moments such as brushing your teeth takes up so many pages.


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