Hongil Yoon Link (Hongil Yoon)Being HUMAN / P&P Year 1

IMAGE: Portrait / Acrylic on canvas 228.6 x 101.6 (cm) (Triptych, each 76.2 x 101.6 cm)
IMAGE: Research paper for scene 1(NLS Moving Image Archive: SELF PORTRAIT)
IMAGE: Research paper for scene 2 (NLS Moving Image Archive: PORTRAIT OF GA, a)
IMAGE: Research paper for scene 3 (NLS Moving Image Archive: HUGH MACDIARMID: A PORTRAIT)
IMAGE: Research paper for screen and space dispositon(Film and installation of Hito Steyerl)
IMAGE: Research paper for location of 3 pieces(Triptych of Francis Bacon)
IMAGE: Research paper for letter in painting(David Lynch's short film)
IMAGE: Collage for Scene 1: Self
IMAGE: Collage for Scene 2: Other
IMAGE: Collage for Scene 3: Self with Others

Portrait in the posthuman age

After the breakdown of the humanism, people separated the feature of human and non-human creatures based on the individualism and deconstructivism. In the posthuman age, technology as AI, and nature are the most crucial issue. People are not the main creature in this world anymore. People are part of the world who live with other creatures as technology and nature. For that reason, I composed the portrait which people are not central but as the pieces of the picture, the wall or floor.

First of all, I found the images which are related to 3 different portraits in NLS Moving Image Archive for making them part of human images. Human images could be Selfie, Someone’s trace or Someone’s relationship with others.

The technological image gradually takes up a large part in real life. I used collage to make scenes between the real place and the technological image to decentralise the factor of human. I inspired by Hito Steyerl’s disposition of the screen in her film or installation. I inspired by Triptych of Bacon for composing the order of three different scenes. I motivated by David Lynch’s film for writing words in pictures.

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