Hiva Bamshad Link (Habitable space) BEING HUMAN

IMAGE: Orthographic view - Isometric view
IMAGE: Interior wall texture - Stairs with nosing and brail handrail
IMAGE: Section Views - Isometric exploded view
IMAGE: Transfer of light within interior

During our research week, we attended to online archive session with “The Royal College of physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow”, which made me realised the difference between how people with disabilities live back in the 18th century compared to nowadays. For our studio task, we were supposed to design a space for a client with a specific disability. I got inspired by Greta McMillan( who is a wheelchair user) in one of the first few lectures and took her feedback “Listen and observe” to design a pleasant space for the deafblind client that I have chose to design for and it is to make sure they feel comfortable in that space without feeling isolated.

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