Katherine Mcdougall Link From Ruin to Revival

IMAGE: Contents
IMAGE: Article 1 - "Rewilding" by Cecile Foglio
IMAGE: Article 2 - "Self-Sufficiency" by Katie McDougall
IMAGE: Article 3 - "Fresh Air" by Junyu Liao
IMAGE: Article 4 - "Repurposing" by Hannah Coulter
IMAGE: Conclusive Visual Representation - showing some of the proposed methods if employed on the Reid Building
IMAGE: Final Note

Being Human in the Anthropocene

For this project we each found areas of inspiration and interest from our research that we wanted to express in a collective way. We did this by creating a zine called “From Ruin to Revival”, which contains the architectural pillars that we feel would drastically benefit the world of architecture and reduce our impact on the planet, displaying our thoughts and ideas in a way that allows the reader to imagine a different world and create their own “what if” scenarios. In this zine we explored the themes of rewilding our surroundings, proposing a self-sufficient standard for buildings, prioritising fresh air and repurposing materials. The finale of the zine concludes our design intentions by displaying a fictional visual representation using a familiar building, of what life could be like if we successfully applied some of these concepts.