Carla Smith Link Fast Fashion: Overconsumption and Waste

IMAGE: workshop finalised piece
IMAGE: final piece
IMAGE: final piece (with and without light)
IMAGE: close up (with and without light)

The aim of my project was to showcase the damage fast fashion has on our planet. I hoped to connect ties with overconsumption, consumerism, and waste within the fashion industry. I looked at artists such as Kahlil Chistee whose strategy influenced the path I took throughout this project. Other influences included Wim Delvoye and Jennifer Collier, both of whom are known for recycling materials in their work. My chosen material was receipts and so I began with creating a very simple layout and folding them in a shape that loosely resembled a bowtie. This provoked my line of thought and allowed me to begin my exploration of the brief.


Being HUMAN 2021/22