Axel Gutapfel Link Fag House – a Queer Zine about Home

IMAGE: Cover of the Zine
IMAGE: Live Love Laugh - Back cover of zine
IMAGE: 2 pages of zine - clay bra and found embroidery with clay
IMAGE: 2 pages of zine one inspired by The Holy Prepuce, or Holy Foreskin, one of several relics attributed to Jesus - the other one a condom recipient -clay and acrylic paint
IMAGE: 1 page - found pot with acrylic drawing
IMAGE: 2 pages from zine - a modified furby and a painted plate
IMAGE: A clay hashtray
IMAGE: 2 sculpted pots
IMAGE: A found painted cushion and ornament with added clay
IMAGE: a plant stand and pot - unfinished layout

Work in progress, unfinished queer zine…
I looked into queer zines from the 70s until now; their crude and intense language, the graphic codes, cheaply printed collagy look and political underlining. I wanted the theme to be Home and relate it to Queerness. What makes a household item queer? Fom the sentence “kitsch is to straight what camp is to queer” I started collecting items from charity shops and donations that could be seen as “ugly” or kitsch and altered them to make a collection diplayed on a zine.  People are contributing with poetry and short stories. The profits will go to lgbtqi+ charities fighting homelessness in the community.
If anyone is wanting to contribute with writings, please get in touch!!!

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