Bianca Patania Link En Bleu Outremer

IMAGE: "En Bleu Outremer" Bianca Patania Painting and Printmaking Year 1
IMAGE: Final Outcome of the project
IMAGE: Beginning of the project
IMAGE: Work in progress, beginning of the project
IMAGE: Work in progress and studio space
IMAGE: Abstract paintings using plastic bags as mediums to make mark on A5 paper
IMAGE: Impromptu installation on my easel using two of the finished paintings and stretched paper painted using ultramarine blue
IMAGE: Final outcome, close ups

In response to Gustav Metzger’s concept of auto-destructive art, involving a manual manipulation, I’ve folded and shaped plastic bottles using heat to create new forms and assembled them together, forming a structure. This way I encountered the realisation that even by melting plastic, transforming or burning it, it can never disappear from the planet, it will still be present even if we cannot see it as in the air we breathe. Looking at plastic bags afterwards I came across the awareness that it is appalling how such a light, flexible and floating material can have such an heavy impact on the planet.