Derek Mcbeth Link Empathy

MEDIA: M-Path Game
IMAGE: Character initial concept
IMAGE: Character Process
IMAGE: Character Final
IMAGE: Home set
IMAGE: Path Set
IMAGE: Subway Set
IMAGE: Main Menu Concept
IMAGE: Main Menu Final
IMAGE: Sky Design
IMAGE: Wall Texture

My initial concept of this project is Empathy, I feel empathy is intrinsically entwined with being human. Being able to connect understand our fellow people. The game I have created was designed with the goal of understanding without fully giving all the information. With empathy being the main topic there was a vast number of avenues I was able to consider, with the more abstract concept being able to give more freedom of interpretation. One of the key inspirations was music I had listened to with the ability to convey emotion even without lyrics.

The games initial goal was to solve how to help characters who can only communicate with simple questions, having be able to use context and understanding of the situation, I initially wanted to incorporate a system of emotional stress. The project I submitted had gone though a few overall concept changes. With empathy being a key factor, I wanted to keep a more simplified design with a lot of the texturing being mostly colourless with most of the design done with ink to give a look of a plane canvas with a lot of the colour coming from the word displayed to give them more impact on the scene.

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